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Released June 2015
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Chop aka Young Savvy Superstar was born and raised in the southern state of Georgia in 1984. Like many young men, Savvy was reared in very humble backgrounds to a mother with a cocaine habit and a missing father. This rappers upbringing was enough to make any child go down a long destructive path and Savvy started to make his way down this path. He was sent to College Park to get away from Savannah... only to get worse. Savvy kept Tupac, Biggie, and NWA in the CD player soon finding his own lyricism. After spending time in Savannah and Savvy graduated top of his class…

After graduating Chop recived a football scholarship from Georgia Tech University and was well on his way to the NFL. Unfortunately, Savvy again became caught up in the streets and went on his grind moving product through the Atlanta campuses. After getting into the rap game he started to perform in Atlanta campuses. After working on his craft for 9 years he received a lot of praise for his single “Check My Swag.”

Since knowing Atlanta’s own Big Boi of Outkast since 1992, Savvy called on him in 2005 and started grinding in the studio… Young Savvy is now in the studio with Fat Boi, producer for OJ Tha Juice Man, Yung Jock, and Gucci Mane, Chris Flame, John Boi, Hood Beats, and Rick Walk of Royal Flush Entertainment, working on this upcoming album ‘The Preview.’

You can hear Young Savvy on Remy's mixtape 'Gambine' with OJ Tha Juice Man and Gucci Mane.


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