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Big O
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"Rap is something I do in order for Hip-Hop to still live"
Orlando "Big O" Cedeno is the next up and coming artist coming out of Cleveland,Ohio. Born in 1982 in Yauco Puerto Rico, After his father died in front of him at the age of nine, he lived a 8month stint in New York state then residing in Ohio thereafter where that same year he discovered a Kool G Rap vinyl that introduced him to the culture of Hip-Hop and rap music.
"Ill street blues changed my life. I mean, I have a lot of influences aiming from Rakim to Kane to KRS-ONE but Kool G. Influenced me, and while in high scbool Pun definetly skyrocketed my influence, especially since he was puertorican and obviously I'm puertorican, no other spanish dude made an impact like he did so that definetly revved up my hunger for rap even more" After high school and perfecting his craft in the late 90's, as the millenium hit, Big O decided to take his craft seriously only to be met with bumpy roads thereafter. "In 2001 I decided to take rap seriously but after dealing with shady people and politics I gave up in 2004. I still wrote learned how to make beats but it was just for fun during the next 5 years or so. Nothing serious"
In 2009 Big O decided it was time to return with a new mentality and new approach to the "grind" it requires to reach the goals for his music."Basically what happened was some kid I knew was gonna open up for Onyx in August of 2009 and I knew the kid was trash or lackin lyrical skill to put it milder,ha ha, So I called the venue they put me on the bill to open, I shut my set down as the 2nd opener of the night and the rest was hisory and the new beginning for me I guess you can say."
With a very strong aggressive intense delivery and a throwback sound to his style, Big O states that his Hip-Hop is universal yet its only done for one purpose as he states. "I do this music for myself first. I don't aim to please anyone, I have no love for "industry" standards and I don't do songs for "the industry" to be pleased. I'm a throwback to what the ghetto,hoods,the broke and poor are missing! And if I aim for a certain "core audience" its only for them. To be honest fuck everyone else...sorry"
With the release of "Execution Seazon" imminent, Big O is here to prove to the world that "good music" still exist. He is planning to be a forced to be reckoned with as he is also working on a few mixtape series soon to be entitled and also to record his actual official release to be entitled "From Trials To Triumph". "I'm just out to make good music for the average joe. I'm noone special just an individual lookin to create good truthful honest music"

Big O
Genre Rap
City Cleveland
Country United States


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